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Photo Submittal Form for Tippecanoe County

  1. Disclaimer/Photo Waiver

    You must check the box agreeing to the disclaimer below in order for the photo to be considered for use on the Tippecanoe County Website or social media pages.

  2. "I, the undersigned, am submitting or have submitted to Tippecanoe County certain photographs, pictures, or images (“Materials”). I represent that these Materials are pictures I have taken or images I have created and that I have the rights to these Materials and specifically the right to authorize Tippecanoe County to use said Materials. I hereby grant Tippecanoe County, free of charge, a non-exclusive, perpetual, world-wide license to use the Material for all noncommercial purposes, including without limitation, the right to exhibit the picture on its website or other media. I hereby represent that I am not less than eighteen years of age, have the right to submit the Material to Tippecanoe County, the right to confer the above referenced license, and that use of the photograph by Tippecanoe County does not infringe copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights or other rights of any third person. In addition to granting the right for Tippecanoe County to publish the Materials, I hereby release Tippecanoe County, its representatives, employees, officers, agents, and elected officials from all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of said Materials including, without limitation, all claims for copyright infringement, invasion of privacy, right of publicity, defamation, and any other claims concerning personal and/or property rights with respect to the Materials. I also agree and understand that submitted photos may be cropped, re-sized or enhanced to make them more suitable and aesthetically appealing for above stated use. Please only submit photos taken from within the Tippecanoe County area"

  3. Photo Waiver/Uasge Consent*

    You must check the box and in doing so this and acts as your signature and agreement to the above stated waiver upon submitting this form and your photo for approval.

  4. One photograph at a time may be uploaded

  5. Leave This Blank:

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