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Wonders Pre/Post Test

  1. What school do you attend?*
  2. When is your day on the water?*
  3. What is a watershed?*
  4. Sediment is natural therefor has no impact on water quality.*
  5. Watersheds can extend beyond county, state, or even country lines.*
  6. You can have an influence on the water quality in the Golf of Mexico.*
  7. Choose an example of something that may harm a watershed. Check all that apply.*
  8. The Wabash River originates in northwestern Ohio State and empties into the Ohio River.*
  9. The Wabash River's name comes from the native Miami word, "Wabashiki," which means?*
  10. The Wabash and Erie Canal was the longest canal ever built in American.*
  11. Railroads replaced the canal as the most popular means of shipping in the region.*
  12. Why is dissolved oxygen in water important?*
  13. Invasive Zebra Mussels are:
  14. How many species of freshwater mussels (order Unionoida) are historically known from Indiana?
  15. How many layers does the freshwater mussel shell consist of?
  16. Freshwater mussels are?
  17. Are freshwater mussels essential to their ecosystem?
  18. Freshwater mussels eat by filtering bacteria, plankton, and other organic (living) particles from the wagter with their gills.
  19. A primary duty of freshwater mussels is to filter materials from the water, which in turn helps maintain a healthy aquatic ecosystem.
  20. If plants are removed from the banks of a river, erosion can increase. Large quantiities of sediment in the water can be harmful to some freshwater mussels.
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