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Board of Elections

  1. Poll Worker Application

    If you wish to serve as a poll worker please fill out this application.

Health Department

  1. Paternity Affidavit Form

    This form allows you to request a copy of a Paternity Affidavit that has been previously filed. To schedule an appointment to file a... More…

HR Forms

  1. Attorney Access Form for ID Badge

    Attorney Access Form for ID Badge

  1. Department of Child Services Courthouse Access Badge

    This is a courthouse access card that can be purchased by an active DCS employee. Once you fill out the form and you have been... More…

Juvenile Alternatives

  1. Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Violation Report

    Please use the following form to report a violation of the PREA. You will be contacted as soon as possible. Fill in all information and... More…

Payment Center

  1. Apply and Pay For Birth Certificates

    Follow this LINK to Apply for a Birth Certificate Online

  2. Court Costs and Fees
  3. Juvenile Alternatives Fees
  4. Probation Fees
  1. Community Correction Payments

    This link is to pay Tippecanoe County Community Correction fees

  2. Court Services Fee Payments

    This is to pay for services related to Tippecanoe County Drug & Alcohol Program in Tippecanoe County, IN.

  3. Pay Property Taxes Online
  4. Record Request Payments-Clerk

    Payments to the County Clerk for Record Requests


  1. Change of Address - Adult

    Notify PO of change of address

  2. Expungement Request Form (Juvenile Records Only)

    This form relates to cases handled in the Tippecanoe Co. Juvenile Court or with the Tippecanoe Co. Juvenile Probation Department. ... More…

  1. Change of Address - Juvenile

    Notify PO of change of address

  2. Request for Travel Permit - Adult

Sheriff's Department

  1. SVOR Check In

    Check in form for the SVOR program at the Sheriff's Office.

Superior Court 3

  1. Updated Information

    Notify Superior Court 3 of any changes of address or telephone number

TCPWQ - Feedback forms

  1. Conservation Field Day 2023 - Educator form
  2. TCPWQ Polluter Reporting Form

    For citizens to report pollutors to TCPWQ

  3. Wonders Teacher Feedback
  1. De-Trash Registration - Spring 2024

    De-Trash the Wabash is a volunteer event focused on removing trash and restoring the health of the mighty Wabash River. Volunteers walk... More…

  2. Wonders Student Feedback
  3. Wonders Volunteer Feedback