I don't have curbside recycling. Where and what can I recycle in Tippecanoe County?

The Tippecanoe Recycling and Solid Waste District provides free recycling drop off locations for any Tippecanoe household to use.  We have three rural drop-off bins:

  • Southwestern Middle School on the western parking lot near the road
  • Stockwell in the center of town next to the grain silos and the intersection of Commerce Drive, Yorktown, and Monroe Street
  • East Tipp Middle School on the far eastern side of the campus off the access road to get to Hershey Elementary next to the baseball concession stand

All of these bins are emptied on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays but they still fill up very quickly.  There is a central recycling drop-off on the north side of Lafayette at the Trash Transfer Station at 2770 North 9th Street.  This location has bins for mixed materials (plastic, aluminum, and glass), as well as a separate bin for cardboard and paper.  This site is not accessible outside of business hours.  Their hours are MWF 7am-4pm, TTh 7am-6pm, and Sat 7am-1pm.  Below is an aerial image showing the layout of the transfer station to help you navigate.  aerial map of transfer station with dropoff locations labeled

These are the items that are accepted in our recycling stream:

image showing what is accepted in this recycling program

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1. I don't have curbside recycling. Where and what can I recycle in Tippecanoe County?
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