What vaccinations does my dog need?
The available dog vaccinations are:
-DHLPP (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza and parvo virus)

For puppies:
-7 - 8 weeks old--DHLPP #1
-11 - 12 weeks old--DHLPP #2, Corona #1, Lymes #1
-15 - 16 weeks old--DHLPP #3, Corona #2, Lymes #2, Rabies
-19 - 20 weeks old DHLPP #4
-1 year old and yearly thereafter: DHLPP, Corona, Lymes
-1 year old and every 3 years thereafter: Rabies

Give a Bordetella vaccination if the dog is going to be boarded in a boarding kennel during your vacation. Remember to have your pet wormed every time it gets vaccinations, especially when it is a puppy. Please call 765-423-9388 for more information.

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