Why can't you find my ex?
We have a full-time staff who locates people and their assets. We have access to information at local, state-wide, and national levels. That information includes police reports and criminal records; prison and jail records; credit bureau reports; addresses and phone numbers; employment and wage reports; financial accounts, credit bureau reports, vehicle registrations, professional licenses, civil law suits, passports, and many more. However, it is still possible for a person to evade our search. Often the custodial parent is our best source of leads in locating someone. We welcome and appreciate any information you can provide.

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1. My ex is expecting a tax refund. Will I get that money, and when?
2. How do I get out of your program?
3. The other parent owes me a lot of past-due child support, and I know I will never see it. Can I just write that off, so he will quit giving me a hard time about it?
4. The other parent got a new job and is making a lot more money. Why aren't I getting more child support?
5. The other parent lives in another state. Can you help me get child support?
6. Why can't you find my ex?
7. I keep going to court and nothing ever happens. Why can't you just throw the other parent in jail?
8. You sanctioned my TANF benefits. How do I get them back?
9. How long does it take to get child support?
10. Why do I have to submit all my questions to your office in writing?