Homeowner Consultation

The Tippecanoe County Partnership for Water Quality Stormwater Educator meets with individual homeowners, businesses, neighborhoods, homeowners associations (HOAs), and other civic groups to answer questions and give recommendations for improving drainage, installing a rain garden, or other suggestions for alleviating stormwater issues.

Contact Stormwater Educator Amanda Estes by


  or by calling 765-807-1800 to set up a free, on-site consultation today. 

Drainage Easements

If you live in a subdivision in Tippecanoe County, it's likely you have a drainage easement on your property or somewhere nearby in your neighborhood. Easements vary in size and are often located in backyards along the rear property boundary. The easement may contain underground pipes or simply consist of a swale, ditch, or channel that crosses several property lines. Similar to utility easements and power lines entering your property: you own it and you maintain it, but the utility company has the right to access for utility inspection, maintenance or repair.

Fences, sheds, retaining walls, and other obstructions within these drainageways are the primary causes of flooding and drainage problems in subdivisions. These temporary (or permanent) structures impede flow through channels intended for drainage. Stacks of bricks or other blockages intentionally placed within the swale—along with filling in the swale—are also common culprits when complaints arise for stagnant water.  

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