Volunteer Information, Registration & Liability Form

Mandatory Background Check Form

Download, print, and sign the Mandatory background form (linked below). If needed, the background form can be snail mailed to you along with a stamped return envelope. The background form contains personal information. You are welcome to hand-deliver your form to the Surveyor’s Office - located in the basement of the Tippecanoe County Building at 20 N Third Street, Lafayette, IN 47901. Or you can mail your background form to 20 N Third Street, Lafayette, IN 47901. Your background form must be received by the Surveyor's Office at least one week prior to your rafting date.

How would you like to volunteer?

There are a number of ways you can volunteer.

All-day raft instructor - spend a day in a raft filled with 6th grade students. NO worries, you will be partnered with another adult. 

AM set-up at Shamrock Park- early morning set up is getting rafts and equipment ready for the day.

PM at Fort Ouiatenon - lunch set-up and post trip equipment.

All-day on land where needed - general help

Arriving at Fort Ouiatenon

We ask all volunteers to park your vehicle at Fort Ouiatenon (located at 3136 S River Road, West Lafayette, IN 47906). The Purdue Shuttle will begin at 7:45 AM to shuttle you to the the launch site, Shamrock Park (located at 115 Sanford St, Lafayette, IN 47905). The last shuttle run will be at 8:30 AM.  

Shamrock Park

Please look for one of the Wonders Team Members in a fluorescent pink shirt to check in.  

Wonders Staff will introduce you to your rafting partner, direct you towards equipment, and explain final instructions for the day. 

This will be your last opportunity to use a restroom until we get to Fort Ouiatenon!

Once Students arrive at Shamrock Park 


Students will begin arriving between 9:00 and 9:30. 

When your group arrives, please help students get fitted for their life jackets. 

While waiting for morning announcements, please take a moment to assign a student to take notes and let them know they are welcome to switch off and on with the note taking. Please remind students that they will be allowed to use their notes during the testing. 

Restrooms – Last chance until we get to the fort. 

Morning announcements will be made when everyone has a life jacket on. The brief announcements are to welcome everyone – reiterate some rules, how to hold a paddle, and address any questions and/or concerns.   

Then we launch!!


YOU MAY GET WETPlease be prepared to have wet feet and possibly wet clothing. 

YOU MAY GET WET. You will need to wear closed-toe shoes, water shoes, or Keens. Please do not wear Crocs, flip-flops, water socks OR your good shoes. 

YOU MAY GET WET. We strongly suggest bringing dry clothing, dry footwear, and a towel. 

YOU MAY GET WET. We strongly suggest that you leave all your extras in your vehicle parked at the fort.

Safety Information

In the event of an emergency while on the water, Emergency Personnel will be present in a motorized safety boat. They will have a first aid kit and will be able to assist.

The trip will only be canceled in the event of severe weather or dangerously high-water levels. If the day is canceled, you will be notified via text. Unfortunately, if we do have to cancel, we cannot make up that day.

Arriving at Fort Ouiatenon


  • Students and adults are responsible for carrying their raft up to the grassy area. 
  • Lifejackets - please spread each lifejacket out on the grass to dry. 
  • Paddles - Please place your paddle near the Wonders trailer in a pile.
  • As a raft group - head to the shelter area- tables are marked according to raft numbers - sit where you see your raft number - students are allowed to start their test as soon as the group is all there. Raft instructors ARE NOT allowed to help students with the test.
  • Lunch - once students are done testing, and test is turned in to be graded, they are allowed to get in line to eat lunch.

Our Route

Wonders on the Wabash rafting trip

Questions OR Concerns

Please feel free to contact the Tippecanoe County Partnership for Water Quality (TCPWQ) with any questions and/or concerns you may have at 765-423-9228 or email  mchristopher@tippecanoe.in.gov.