2015 through Current Year

Ordinances 2015 to Current

  1. ORD 2019-26-CM Building Permit Conflicts of Interest
  2. ORD 2019-25-CM Rezoning, NB,GB,I1,R1 to R3, SW Veterans and Concord
  3. ORD 2019-24-CL Appropriations and Tax Rates, Little Wea Conservancy Dist
  4. ORD 2019-23-CL Appropriations and Tax Rates for TCSWMD
  5. ORD 2019-22-CL Appropriations and Tax Rates for Tippecanoe County
  6. ORD 2019-21-CL 2020 Salary Oridnance
  7. ORD 2019-20-CM, Tuberculosis Skin Testing Fee
  8. ORD 2019-19-CM, Unlawful to Dump at Recycling Sites
  9. ORD 2019-18-CM, Vacating pt CR 200N, Fairfield twp, 7.15.19
  10. ORD 2019-17-CL, Sheriffs Dept Fee Schedule
  11. ORD 2019-16-CL, Additional Library Appropriation
  12. ORD 2019-15-CM Plat Book Fund Fees
  13. ORD 2019-14-CM, Rezone from NB to GB, Z-2759, Wabash Twsp 10-23-5
  14. ORD 2019-13-CM, Rezone NB to I1, Z-2758, Wabash Twsp 10-23-5
  15. ORD 2019-12-CM, UZO Amendment, Wind Energy Systems
  16. ORD 2019-11-CM, Vector Control, Civil Penalty Violations
  17. ORD 2019-10-CM, Private Sewage Disposal, Civil Penalty for violations
  18. ORD 2019-09-CM, UZO Amendment for violation citations
  19. ORD 2019-08-CM, Amending Co. Code for Building Code fee
  20. ORD 2019-07-CM, Amend Co Code, Cary Home Advisory Bd.
  21. ORD 2019-06-CL, Sheriff Lateral Transfer Policy
  22. ORD 2019-05-CM, USO Amendment for Farmstead and Parcelization
  23. ORD 2019-04-CM, Rezone A to R1B, Z2751, Tippecanoe Development II, CR 600N and 150W, Wabash 25-24-5
  24. ORD 2019-03-CM, Rezone GB to A, Z2753, Colbern, Washington 24-24-3
  25. ORD 2019-02-CM, Rezone A to GB, West Point, Dollar General
  26. ORD 2019-01-CM, Rezone A to R1, Tippecanoe 29-24-4, Z2750
  27. ORD 2018-25-CM Amend Co Code for traffic schedule
  28. ORD 2018-24-CM Health Dept Fees
  29. ORD 2018-23-CM Rezone A to R2, Z-2744, Wabash 10-23-5
  30. ORD 2018-22-CM Dismissed
  31. ORD 2018-21-CM Amend Co. Code, Credit Card Policies and Procedures
  32. ORD 2018-20-CL SWD Appropriation and Tax Rates 2019
  33. ORD 2018-19-CL Appropriation and Tax Rates 2019
  34. ORD 2018-18-CL Salary Ordinance 2019
  35. ORD 2018-17-CM Amend Co. Code for Fair Housing Policy
  36. ORD 2018-16-CM Health Dept. Swimming Pools and Spas
  37. ORD 2018-15-CM Fees for Health Department
  38. ORD 2018-14-CM UZO Amend, Bufferyards
  39. ORD 2018-13-CM Dept. Name Change, MITS to DOIT
  40. ORD 2018-12-CM Rezone R1 to R1B, Wea 10-22-4, Z-2720
  41. ORD 2018-11-CM Drainage Board Fees amended
  42. ORD 2018-10-CM Rezone NB_GB to GB, Wayne 13-22-6, Z-2719
  43. ORD 2018-09-CM Rezone A and R1B to R1A, Wabash 14-23-5, Z-2717
  44. ORD 2018-08-CM Rezone A to R1, Sheffeild 17-22-3, Z-2708
  45. ORD 2018-07-CL Appropiating Proceeds of Local Income Tax Revenue Bonds, 2018 (firt reading)
  46. ORD 2018-06-CL Issuance and Sale of Bonds for Fairgrounds (first, amendment and second reading)
  47. ORD 2018-05-CM Rezone A to R1, Tipecanoe 20-24-4, Z-2712
  48. ORD 2018-04-CM Rezone A to R1A, Tippecanoe 20-24-4 Z-2711
  49. ORD 2018-03-XX Not Used
  50. ORD 2018-02-CM Amending County Code Ch 72, Sch III, Stop Signs
  51. ORD 2018-01-CM Rezone R1 to R1A, Wabash 14-23-5, Z-2710
  52. ORD 2017-21-CL Salary Ord 2018 Revised
  53. ORD 2017-20-CL Original Salary Ord 2018
  54. ORD 2017-19-CM UZO Amendment for Self-Storage Warehouses
  55. ORD 2017-18-CM Rezone A to RE, Tipecanoe 16-24-4 Z-2696, Sutter
  56. ORD 2017-17-CL Appropriations and Tax Rates for Solid Waste
  57. ORD 2017-16-CL Appropriations and Tax Rate
  58. ORD 2017-15-CM Rezone R1 to A, Wabash 34-24-5, Z-2697 Sanders
  59. ORD 2017-14-CM UZO Amendment 88 for Transient Rentals
  60. ORD 2017-13-CM Rezone R1 to I2, Wabash 1-23-5, Z-2695 Tippecanoe Memory Gardens
  61. ORD 2017-12-CM Amend County Code Chapter 72, Schedule III, Adding Stop Signs
  62. ORD 2017-11-CM Rezone I3 to A, Wabash 27-23-5, Z-2693 Bennett
  63. ORD 2017-10-CM New Section 34-41 Bulk Form Access to County Recorder Documents
  64. ORD 2017-09-CM USO Amendment, Parcelization Cert
  65. ORD 2017-08-CM Rezone A to RE, Tippecanoe 4-2-4, Z-2686
  66. ORD 2017-07-CM UZO Amendment for new URL
  67. ORD 2017-06-CM Rezone AW to A, Peryy 20-23-3, Chris L Moore (Denied)
  68. ORD 2017-05-CM Amend County Code Section 34.57 Commissioners Self-Insurance Fund
  69. ORD 2017-04-CM Storm Drainage and Sediment Control Ordinance (First Reading)
  70. ORD 2017-03-CM UZO Amendment for Fencees and Hedges
  71. ORD 2017-02-CM UZO Amendment for Dayton horses
  72. ORD 2017-01-CM Amend County Code Chapter 72, Schedule III
  73. ORD 2016-30-CM Amend County Code Adding New Section 31.070
  74. ORD 2016-29-CM Amend the Zoning of Wea Twsp, Z 2672
  75. ORD 2016-28-CM Rezone HB to AA, Lauramie 13-21-3, Z 2674
  76. ORD 2016-27-CM Amend County Code Chapter 72
  77. ORD 2016-26-CM UZO 87 for Form Based Code
  78. ORD 2016-25-CM Rezone R1B to GB, Wayne Twp West Point, Z-2667
  79. ORD 2016-24-CM Rezone NB to R1, Wabash Twp Summers SD, Z-2663
  80. ORD 2016-23-CL Fixing Compensation and Number of Deputies and Employees
  81. ORD 2016-22-CM Rezone A to GB, Wabash 9-23-5, Z-2666 Varela
  82. ORD 2016-21-CM Withdrawn
  83. ORD 2016-20-CM Withdrawn
  84. ORD 2016-19-CL Adopting Investment Policy
  85. ORD 2016-18-CM Amend County Code Section 31.176 Human Relations
  86. ORD 2016-17-CL 2017 Solid Waste Appropriation and Tax Rates
  87. ORD 2016-16-CL 2017 Appropriation and Tax Rates
  88. ORD 2016-15-CL Amend County Code for Sheriffs Sale Fee Schedule
  89. ORD 2016-14-CM Rezone GB to R3, Wabash 10-23-5, Z-2658 Tippecanoe Development
  90. ORD 2016-13-CM Rezone I3 to A, Tippecanoe 6-24-4, Z-2657, Layton
  91. ORD 2016-12-CM Rezone GB to R1, Washington 23-23-3, Z-2656, Miller
  92. ORD 2016-11-CM Rezone AW to R1, Perry 19-23-3, Z-2649, Adams
  93. ORD 2016-10-CM Vacate an Easement Winding Creek and Connors Manor
  94. ORD 2016-09-CM Withdrawn
  95. ORD 2016-08-CM Amend County Code, Chapter 72, Schedules I, III, IV
  96. ORD 2016-07-CM Vacate a Portion of Swisher Rd
  97. ORD 2016-06-CM Rezone A to R1, Wea 14-22-4, Z-2639 Lahrman
  98. ORD 2016-05-CM Amend County Code for Body Art Permit Fees
  99. ORD 2016-04-CM Partial Vacate of Public Way - Jason and Erica Scheumann - 1st and 2nd Reading
  100. ORD 2016-03-CM Health Department Fees
  101. ORD 2016-02-XX Not Used
  102. ORD 2016-01-XX Not Used
  103. ORD 2015-27-CM Identification Security Protection Fund
  104. ORD 2015-26-CM Partially Vacate Streets and Alleys - Poplar St, Main Crop St
  105. ORD 2015-25-CM Vacate Main Crop Street in Colbern
  106. ORD 2015-24-CM APC Representation Membership
  107. ORD 2015-23-CM WITHDRAWN
  108. ORD 2015-22-CM Rezone A to I2, Wea 13-23-4, Z-2625 Karrie J. Olive
  109. ORD 2015-21-CL Compensation and Number of Employees
  110. ORD 2015-20-CM UZO Amendment 86 Parking Standards
  111. ORD 2015-19-CM UZO Amendment 85 Outdoor Advertising Restrictions
  112. ORD 2015-18-CL Appropriations and Tax Rate
  113. ORD 2015-17-CM Rezone A to NB, Washington 28-24-3, Z-2623 Barb Knochel
  114. ORD 2015-16-CM Rezone GB to A, Fairfiels Longlois 23-4, Z-2617 Rolling Maul
  115. ORD 2015-15-CM Rezone A and R1 to A, Fairfield Longlois 23-4, Z2616 Legado Development Group
  116. ORD 2015-14-CM Rezone R1 to I3, Wabash 2-23-5, Z2613, John Weilbaker
  117. ORD 2015-13-CM Body Modification
  118. ORD 2015-12-CM Health Data Collection and Reporting
  119. ORD 2015-11-CM Vacate Public Right-of-Way
  120. ORD 2015-10-CM UZOAmendment Section 2-28-5 c and 3.2
  121. ORD 2015-09-CM Amend County Code Traffic Schedule
  122. ORD 2015-08-CM Rezone A to R1, Wabash 30-24-4, Tippecanoe Development
  123. ORD 2015-07-CM Rezone R1 to R1B, Tippecanoe 19-24-4, Tippecanoe Development
  124. ORD 2015-06-CM Petition to Vacate a Platted Utility and Drianage Easement
  125. ORD 2015-05-CL Amended Ordinance Fixing Compensation
  126. ORD 2015-04-CM Vacating a Portion of Public Right-of-Way - Colburn
  127. ORD 2015-03-CM WITHDRAWN
  128. ORD 2015-02-CM Rezone A to I3, Sheffield 18-22-3, Z-2594 Ichiya
  129. ORD 2015-01-CM Rezone R1 to PDMX, Tippecanoe 30-24-4, Z-2593 E and A Hospitality

Resolutions 2015 to Current

  1. RES 2019-28-CM Battle Ground TIF
  2. RES 2019-27-CL Congressional Township School Fund Surrender
  3. RES 2019-25-CM Aproving Utility Master Plan
  4. RES 2019-24-CM Authorization for Real Estate Purchase
  5. RES 2019-23-CL Funding for Mental Health Centers
  6. RES 2019-22-CL Funding for Intellectual Disability Centers
  7. RES 2019-21-CL Surveyors 2020 Salary
  8. RES 2019-20-CL Coroners 2020 Salary
  9. RES 2019-18-CL LIT for Public Safety
  10. RES 2019-16-CL, Abatement Claw-Back
  11. RES 2019-15-CM APEX Warehouse and Logistics, Approving Application for Tax Abatement
  12. RES 2019-14-CL APEX Warehouse Application Approval
  13. RES 2019-13-CM, Authorizing Grant of Easement to Vectren
  14. RES 2019-12-CM Basis for selection of Jail Medical Services.pdf
  15. RES 2019-11-CM Amending the Tipp. Co. Cumulative Capital Tax Improvement Plan.pdf
  16. RES 2019-10-CM Modifying the Capital Improvement Plan for LIT Additional Revenue for Econ Dev Purposes.pdf
  17. RES 2019-09-CM Establishing K-9 Fund.pdf
  18. RES 2019-08-CM Authorizing Special Purchasing Method, Health Dept Mobile unit.pdf
  19. RES 2019-07-CM Transferring real estate to Washington Twsp.pdf
  20. RES 2019-06-CM Postponing Bid Openings for Fairgrounds.pdf
  21. RES 2019-05-CM Clarks Hill tax sale cert.pdf
  22. RES 2019-04-CM Deartment Head Appointments.pdf
  23. RES 2019-03-CM Appointments to Boards, Councils, Commissions.pdf
  24. RES 2019-02-CM Appointments.pdf
  25. RES 2019-01-CM Regular Meeting Dates.pdf
  26. RES 2018-37-CM Special Purchasing Method, sole source body cameras.pdf
  27. RES 2018-36-CM Amend Comprehensive Plan for Yost Drive Corridor in Dayton.pdf
  28. RES 2018-35-CM Renewal of Syringe Exchange Program.pdf
  29. RES 2018-34-CM Library bond issue
  30. RES 2018-33-CM Transfer of 2013 Chevy to CASA
  31. RES 2018-32-CM Transfer of 2011 Dodge to Ambulance Servuce
  32. RES 2018-31-CM Establishing Card Rebate Fund
  33. RES 2018-30-CM Interlocal for Low Cost Spay and Neuter
  34. RES 2018-29-CL Coroner Salary 2019
  35. RES 2018-28-CL Surveyor Salary 2019
  36. RES 2018-27-CL Intellectual Disability Centers
  37. RES 2018-26-CL Mental Health Centers
  38. RES 2018-25-CM Support Efforts to Create a New Court
  39. RES 2018-24-CL Support Efforts to Create New Court
  40. RES 2018-23-CM Property Tax Deductions for Lex Lafayette
  41. RES 2018-22-CM Establishing Firearms Range Fund
  42. RES 2018-21-CL Minimum Fund Balances
  43. RES 2018-20-CM Sale of 2270 Klondike
  44. RES 2018-19-CM Transfer Real Estate to the Town of Battle Ground
  45. RES 2018-18-CL Sale of 2270 Klondike Rd
  46. RES 2018-17-CM Request Bids for Sale of Real Property
  47. RES 2018-16-CM Sale of Property
  48. RES 2018-15-CM Capital Improvement Plan Amendment
  49. RES 2018-14-CL ApprovingLudo Fact Tax Deduction
  50. RES 2018-13-CL Endorse Resolution Modifying EDIT Capital Improvement Plan
  51. RES 2018-12-CL Endorse Amendment to Cumulative Capital Tax Plan
  52. RES 2018-11-CM Property Tax Deductions for Ludo Fact
  53. RES 2018-10-CM Amending Cum Cap Tax Plan
  54. RES 2018-09-CM Modifying Capital Improvement Plan for EDIT
  55. RES 2018-08-CM Declaration of Official Intent to Reimburse Expenditures
  56. RES 2018-07-CL Per Diem for Drainage Board
  57. RES 2018-06-CL Sheriff Commissary Fund Expenditures
  58. RES 2018-05-CM WIC Lease
  59. RES 2018-04-CL Supporting Fairground Proj
  60. RES 2018-03-CM Amend the Comprehensive Plan
  61. RES 2018-02-CM Appointments-Boards, Councils...
  62. RES 2018-01-CM Appointment of Dept Heads
  63. RES 2017-39-CM Equipment Lease-Purchase w Regions Equipment Finance Corp
  64. RES 2017-38-CM Regular meeting dates
  65. RES 2017-37-CL Lease of Facilities for WIC
  66. RES 2017-36-CM Authorizing the Assignment of Certain Tax Sale Certificates to the Town of Ott
  67. RES 2017-35-CM Extending Syringe Exchange Program
  68. RES 2017-34-CM Authorizing the Assignment of Certain Tax Certificates to the City of Lafayette
  69. RES 2017-33-CL Approving the TC Public Library Issuance of Bonds
  70. RES 2017-32-CM Commissioners Sale
  71. RES 2017-31-CL Interlocal Agreement
  72. RES 2017-30-CM Interlocal Agreement for Traffic Counters
  73. RES 2017-29-CL Funding of Community Mental Health Centers
  74. RES 2017-28-CL Funding of Community Intellectual Disability Centers
  75. RES 2017-27-CL Fixing 2018 Salary of County Surveyor
  76. RES 2017-26-CL Fixing 2018 Salary of County Coroner
  77. RES 2017-25-CL American Fibertech Company - Confirmatory Resolution
  78. RES 2017-24-CL Application of American FiberTech Corporation
  79. RES 2017-23-CL Application of GIO 3 Holdings, LLC and All State Fasteners of Indiana, Confirm
  80. RES 2017-22-CL Application of LiquidSpring, LLC
  81. RES 2017-21-CL Sheriffs Commissary Fund
  82. RES 2017-20-CM 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan
  83. RES 2017-19-CM Approving Application for Property Tax Deductions for LiquidSpring
  84. RES 2017-18-XX, Not Used
  85. RES 2017-17-CL Application of Liquidspring, LLC Declaratory Resolution
  86. RES 2017-16-CL Application of GIO 3 Holdings, LLC and All State Fastener of Indiana Declartor
  87. RES 2017-15-CM Approving APplication for Property Tax Deductions for GIO 3 Holdings, LLC
  88. RES 2017-14-CM Establishing Phase II Storm Water Quality Donation Fund
  89. RES 2017-13-CM Establishing Heartland Economic Development Area Allocation Fund
  90. RES 2017-12-CM Authorizing Special Purchasing Method
  91. RES 2017-11-CM Re-establishing Cumulative Capital Development Fund
  92. RES 2017-10-CM Authorizing the Assignment of Certain Tax Sale Certificates to the City of Laf
  93. RES 2017-09-CM Resolution to Reestablish Cumulative Capital Develoment Tax Rate
  94. RES 2017-08-CM Adopting Procedures for Purchase and Finanching of Tandem Axle Dump Trucks
  95. RES 2017-07-CL Endorsing the Adoption of Resolution Moifying the TC Capital Improvement Plan
  96. RES 2017-06-CL Endorsing the Amendment of the TC Cum Cap Tax Capital Improvement Plan
  97. RES 2017-05-CM Modifying the TC Capital Improvement Plan
  98. RES 2017-04-CM Amending the TC Cumulative Capital Tax Improvement Plan
  99. RES 2017-03-CL Approving Sheriff Commissary Fund Expenditures
  100. RES 2017-02-CM Appointments to Boards, Councils, and Other Commissions
  101. RES 2017-01-CM Appointments to Department Heads
  102. RES 2016-33-CL Resolution of Interest in Purchase of Real Estate
  103. RES 2016-32-CM Resolution Adopting Declarations of County Health Officer concerning syringe exchange program
  104. RES 2016-31-CM Resolution concerning TCF Equipment Finance
  105. RES 2016-30-CM Authorizing Special Purchasing Method
  106. RES 2016-29-CM Establishing CC Donation Fund
  107. RES 2016-28-CL Establishing Major Bridge Fund Tax Rate
  108. RES 2016-27-CL Funding of Community Mental Health Centers
  109. RES 2016-26-CL Funding of Community Intellectual Disability Centers
  110. RES 2016-25-XX Not Used
  111. RES 2016-24-CL Surveyor Salary
  112. RES 2016-23-CL 2017 Coroner Salary
  113. RES 2016-22-CM Courthouse Elevator Repair-Awarded to KONE
  114. RES 2016-21-XX Withdrawn
  115. RES 2016-20-CM Establishing Major Bridge Fund and Tax Rate
  116. RES 2016-19-CM Adopting Internal Control Stds and Procedures Developed by IN St Brd of Acct
  117. RES 2016-18-CL Wildcat Creek Partners ERA Application
  118. RES 2016-17-CM Approving App for Prop Tax Deductions for Wildcat Creek Partners
  119. RES 2016-16-CM Hazard Warning Fund
  120. RES 2016-15-CM Establishment of Major Bridge Fund and Tax Rate
  121. RES 2016-14-CM Assignments of Tax Sale Certificates to the Town of Otterbein
  122. RES 2016-13-CM Redistricting Reform
  123. RES 2016-12-CM Drainage Board Reconstruction Financing Assistance Program
  124. RES 2016-11-XX Not Used
  125. RES 2016-10-CM Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan
  126. RES 2016-09-CM Assignment of Tax Sale Cert to the City
  127. RES 2016-08-CL Adoption of Amendment to EDIT Capital Improvement Plan (this was initially approved at RES 02 in error)
  128. RES 2016-07-CL Adoption of Amendment to EDIT Capital Improvement Plan
  129. RES 2016-06-CL Approving Sheriff Commissary Fund Expenditures
  130. RES 2016-05-CM Hoosier Heartland Corridor Strategic Economic Development Plan
  131. RES 2016-04-CM Amending TC Cumulative Capital Tax Improvement Plan
  132. RES 2016-03-CM Modifying EDIT Capital Improvement Plan
  133. RES 2016-02-CM Commissioners Appointments to Boards, Council and Other Commissions
  134. RES 2016-01-CM Department Head Appointments
  135. RES 2015-36-CM Estabilsh Reg Mtg Dates
  136. RES 2015-35-CM Purchase of Vehicle from City of Lafayette
  137. RES 2015-34-CM Confirming the Participaton of Tippe Co in the Wabash River Heritage Corridor Commission
  138. RES 2015-33-CM Establishing Alexander Ross Detention Fund
  139. RES 2015-32-CL Solid Waste Appropriations and Tax Rate
  140. RES 2015-31-CM Establishing Wabash River Corridor Road
  141. RES 2015-30-CM Establishing Found, Seized, and Unclaimed Money Fund
  142. RES 2015-29-CL Fixing 2015 Salary of CO Assessor
  143. RES 2015-28-CL Confirm Funding of Comm Mental Health Centers
  144. RES 2015-27-CL Confirm Funding of Comm Disability Centers
  145. RES 2015-26-CL Fixing 2015 Salary of Surveyor
  146. RES 2015-25-CL Fixing 2015 Salary of Coroner
  147. RES 2015-24-CL Liquidspring Confirmatory
  148. RES 2015-23-CM Liquidspring LLC Application for Property Tax Deductions
  149. RES 2015-22-CL Liquidspring Declaratory
  150. RES 2015-21-CM Withdrawn
  151. RES 2015-20-CM Grant Rd - Samuel Brown
  152. RES 2015-19-CM 450 North - Samuel Brown
  153. RES 2015-18-CM Brown and 8926 Grant Road
  154. RES 2015-17-CM Sale of Property adjacent to 6340 E 450 N
  155. RES 2015-16-CM Court Case Management - Odyssey
  156. RES 2015-15-CM APEX Warehouse and Logistics Abatement
  157. RES 2015-14-CM Appointing Members to Battle Ground Conservancy District
  158. RES 2015-13-CM Jail Medical Services Proposal Acceptance
  159. RES 2015-12-CL Police Retirement Plan
  160. RES 2015-11-CM Wayne Township Board of Trustees-Teresa Luttrell
  161. RES 2015-10-CM Authorizing the Assignment of Tax Sale Certificates to the City of Lafayette
  162. RES 2015-09-CM Commissioners Sale Intent
  163. RES 2015-08-CL Approving Sheriff Commissary Fund Expenditures
  164. RES 2015-07-CL Endorsing Amendment of Cumulative Capital Tax Capital Improvement Plan
  165. RES 2015-06-CL Endorsing Adoption of Amendment to EDIT Capital Improvement Plan
  166. RES 2015-05-CM Amending the Cumulative Capital Tax Improvement Plan
  167. RES 2015-04-CM Modifying the Economic Development Income Tax Capital Improvement Plan
  168. RES 2015-03-CM Appointments to Vrious Boards, Councils, Commissions, and Other Bodies
  169. RES 2015-02-CM Department Head Appointments
  170. RES 2015-01-CM Establishing Regular Meeting Dates