Inmate Mail

Incoming Mail

* All incoming mail must have a return name and a full return address.

​​1.  Incoming mail must be addressed to the inmate's full name (the name and spelling under which the inmate was booked), or it will be returned to the sender. With the exception of legal mail, any incoming mail that does not have a name and return address will be placed in the inmate’s property.​​

2. No packages of any kind will be accepted (other than publisher rule), and will be returned to the sender. 

3. Inmates may have two newspaper subscriptions, and three magazine subscriptions, at their expense; however, the inmate may not keep more than one day’s newspapers or three magazines in his/her cell.​​

4. Printed material will only be accepted from a publisher,, and Barnes and Only two items per package will be accepted. Any magazine or material that contains obscene pictures, racist or “hate” materials, incites violence, or that otherwise compromises the safety, security, or proper order of this facility will be returned to sender. ​ Inmates are only allowed the following reading materials in their cell: ​

 ​• Five books total (GENERAL READING BOOKS)​  

 • Three religious books/pamphlets/bible studies​

​5. It is the inmate’s responsibility to manage the reading materials being sent in. Items of excess will be placed in the inmate’s property. The staff will not be responsible for trading items out of property.

6. An incoming envelope of general mail may contain the following items: no more than five pages of handwritten or typed correspondence, two photographs (on photograph paper only - no Polaroids accepted) no larger than 4” by 6”, and authorized money. Envelopes containing excessive items will be placed in the inmate's property.

7. All incoming mail will be opened and inspected by the Inmate Trust Fund Officer, or their designee, unless it is clearly marked as legal mail and is sent from a government official, court or attorney. This is done to inspect for contraband, and to permit the removal of funds for crediting to the Inmate Trust Account before being forwarded on to the inmate. Anything other than those items noted above will be confiscated, and placed in the inmate’s property.​​

8. Mail from government officials, courts, and attorneys will be opened in the presence of the inmate.

9. Any letters or drawings made with markers, crayons, paints, glitter, perfume, stickers, lipstick, or body fluids will not be accepted and will be placed in the inmate's property. Letters written to inmates should be typed, or written in pencil or a regular inkpen.

​​10. Inmate mail sent from a friend or family member that contains legal documents is not considered privileged.

11. Mail is distributed within 24 hours of receipt at the jail, except during weekends and holidays.​​

12. No mail containing pages printed from social media sites will be accepted. 

​13. Envelopes from incoming mail will be discarded. Inmates will have the option of copying the return address from the envelope if needed.

​ ​14. Greeting cards are not accepted, and will not be distributed to inmates. Mail received in/with evelopes containing greeting cards will be treated as a greeting card and will not be distributed to the inmate.

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