Bicentennial Nature Area

Located on the north side of Sagamore Parkway between Duncan Road and Schuyler Avenue, Bicentennial Park is the most recent acquisition of the Tippecanoe County Park and Recreation Board. The 196 acre property was purchased from Fairfield Builders Supply with grant funding from Bicentennial Nature Trust, the Indiana Heritage Trust Fund and the Tippecanoe County Park and Recreation Foundation, Inc.

The Bicentennial Nature Area is open on a limited basis.  It is accessible from the Sagamore Parkway exit ramps only.   During the spring & summer the Sagamore Parkway gates will be open from approximately 7 AM until dusk, seven days a week.   Hours in the winter months are yet to be determined. 

Park rules are posted just inside the entrance to the property, and visitors are respectfully requested to strictly adhere to those rules for their own safety and the best interest of the future of the park property.

The southern portion of the property features a large pond of approximately 70 acres.  This portion of the park allows for limited bank fishing.  Fishing from small boats is allowed, but boats are only permitted to use electric trolling motors while on the lake. Kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and windboards are also allowed.  Life jackets are required when on the water, but swimming is not allowed. 

Please feel free to contact the Park Office at (765) 463-2306 or at if you would like more information about The Bicentennial Nature Area.