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When volunteer work is required as part of a plea bargain or sentence, it is called "community service restitution." Community Service is a community based program utilized by all Tippecanoe County Courts as part of criminal and civil sentencing orders. Tippecanoe County Community Corrections recognizes that participants have harmed the community and the community is thus a victim. Community Service serves as both a punishment and as a way for participants to help heal the community they have harmed. The end result is a community that has been repaired and participants who are less likely to re offend.

Community Service is an essential program for our community. It keeps many participants out of jail by providing an alternative avenue for reparation to the community. As a result, it also saves the taxpayers money, as fewer participants are incarcerated. The program gives participants an opportunity to learn that everyone has responsibilities to their community and it is an integral part of the rehabilitation of participants assigned to the program. Through the program, participants develop a work ethic, learn to be responsible, develop work skills and increase self-esteem by completing their assigned tasks, and a chance to give back to the community at large.

The Community Service Program refers participants to various 501c3 nonprofit agencies to complete a variety of jobs.

Participants will perform unpaid work at any nonprofit, non-religious and non-political organizations. Participants can select their location from a list of agencies certified by Tippecanoe County Community Corrections or they can find an appropriate nonprofit organization to fulfill their sentence. Participants who are unable to find a location for various reasons receive assistance from Tippecanoe County Community Corrections in finding an appropriate location.

Tippecanoe County Community Correction’s Community Service program helps enforce mandated community service requirements, while improving the clients’ lives and strengthening communities throughout Tippecanoe County.
Before completing the "Community Service Form" please be sure to read the "Community Service Instructions".

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