Rabies Information

Animal bites, particularly bites from carnivorous mammals, can be very serious and should always be evaluated by a doctor and reported to animal control officers in the jurisdiction in which you live.

  • Tippecanoe County 765-423-9321
  • Lafayette Control 765-807-1200
  • West Lafayette Control 765-775-5165

All animal bite reports are to be called in and the physical form faxed to the police department in whose jurisdiction the victim lives. Reporting information for each jurisdiction can be found at the bottom of the attached animal bite report.

Bat Exposure

If you have slept in a home with a bat present it is critical that you begin rabies post-exposure treatment as soon as possible, even if you do not think you have been bit.

If the bat is available for testing it can be brought to:

Tippecanoe County Health
 1950 South 18th Street

Testing is FREE OF CHARGE. Bat must be dead with head intact to test.

Animal Bite Report