Crash Reports

South Street Road Safety Audit

The Area Plan Commission and City of Lafayette are conducting a road safety audit for South Street (formally SR 26) between Sagamore Parkway and I-65. This corridor is one of the most heavily traveled thoroughfares within Tippecanoe County.

The purpose of a road safety audit is to examine crash history and identify short, medium, and long-range countermeasures. It will also examine traffic congestion and multimodal infrastructure components.

For this audit, the Area Plan Commission staff assembled and analyzed crash data over a five-and-a-half-year period. The information can be found below. The analysis included looking at the crash data by intersection, by month, by day of week, by time of day, by lighting conditions, by atmospheric conditions, by road surface conditions, by primary factors, those involving pedestrians and bicycles, by high incident locations, crash type, and RoadHAT calculations. Additional information and analysis includes a crash heat map and historic traffic count map. Finally, collision diagrams were put together for each intersection.

Audit Data:
-Crash Data Analysis
-Traffic Count Data
-Crash Heat Map
-Collision Diagrams
-Aerial Photos
-Prompt List
-Bus Stop Ridership

Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) Funding

The US Department of Transportation is soliciting applications for Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) grants.  Funds are to be awarded on a competitive basis to support planning, infrastructure, behavioral, and operational initiatives to prevent death and serious injury on roads and streets involving all roadway users, including pedestrians; bicyclists; public transportation, personal conveyance, and micromobility users; motorists; and commercial vehicle operators

 The purpose of SS4A grants is to improve roadway safety by significantly reducing or eliminating roadway fatalities and serious injuries through safety action plan development and implementation focused on all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, public transportation users, motorists, personal conveyance and micromobility users, and commercial vehicle operators.  The program provides funding to develop the tools to help strengthen a community’s approach to roadway safety and save lives and is designed to meet the needs of diverse local, Tribal, and regional communities that differ dramatically in size, location, and experience administering Federal funding

 The SS4A program provides funding for two types of grants: Action Plan Grants (for comprehensive safety action plans) and Implementation Grants.  Action Plan Grants are used to develop, complete, or supplement a comprehensive safety action plan.  To apply for an Implementation Grant, an eligible applicant must have a qualifying Action Plan.  Implementation Grants are available to implement strategies or projects that are consistent with an existing Action Plan.  Applicants for Implementation Grants can self-certify that they have in place one or more plans that together are substantially similar to and meet the eligibility requirements for an Action Plan.

 Notice of Funding Opportunity Posted: May 16, 2022

Closing Date for Applications: September 15, 2022 (5:00 p.m. EDT)

Award Ceiling: $50,000,000

Award Floor: $200,000

Expected Number of Awards: 300

Cost Sharing or Match Required: Yes

 The Area Plan Commission staff reviewed the self-certification eligibility worksheet, and these are the results (link).  The following in-house documents have been found to be applicable to an Action Plan:

  1. Bike Walk Greater Lafayette Safety Plan
  2. Bicycle Crash Analysis, 2013-2017
  3. Pedestrian Crash Analysis, 2013-2017
  4. Comparison of Fatality Crash in Tippecanoe County
  5. 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

Crash Reports


Harrison HS RPSA Report County Farm Rd (N 50 W) and W 600 N

RSA Report SR 43 Northgate Dr

RSA Report CR 500N N River Rd

RSA Report CR 250 E and CR 430 S

McCutcheon Mayflower PRSA Report 


Fatal Crash Summary 2012 - 2015

Fatal Crash Summary 2008 - 2012

Preliminary Motorcycle Crashes Tippecanoe County 2011 - 2013

Bicycle Crash Analysis 2013 - 2017

Bicycle Crash Analysis 2007 - 2012

Pedestrian Crash Analysis 2013 - 2017

Pedestrian Crash Analysis 2007 - 2012


Vehicle Crash Report 2017

Vehicle Crash Report 2016

Vehicle Crash Report 2015

Vehicle Crash Report 2008

Vehicle Crash Report 2007

Vehicle Crash Report 2006


2017-2019 Carroll County Crash Report


McCutcheon Safety Project Submittal Document

Project Submittal Document N River Rd

Concord Rd and CR 430 S Project Submittal Document