Sheriff's Sales

The Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Department’s monthly sheriff’s sales

(for foreclosed real estate and related property) are now held virtually, via a safe, secure, and reliable website,

We encourage everyone who may be interested in participating in future sales to familiarize themselves with this online auction platform.

Please visit and follow the links to register.
 Once you have supplied the necessary information,
 you will be able  to view live auctions and/or demo sales.

In addition to offering the sheriff’s sales to a much wider audience, this online auction provides participants with the ability to take part from their
own office or home, and will keep the format similar to the existing sales.

Once the sale begins, properties will typically be auctioned beginning at 1 p.m., with each having a set time limit, allowing participants to bid in much
 the same way they would in an on-site sale.

Another benefit of the online sale is that
registrants will  now have two ways to submit a bid:

  1. A single bid, based upon another, which allows the participant to bid off of other bidders as bids are placed.
  2.  By proxy, which allows the bidder to set a pre-determined maximum bid amount and then the website automatically places the bid until it reaches the proxy bid amount for the bidder. When a registrant chooses to bid by proxy, their bids are based off bids as they happen, and the system automatically submits a dollar amount that makes them the highest bidder – by the minimum increment – sequentially.

For auction information, or any questions regarding the online sheriff’s sales, please visit the SRI website, at You may also contact the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Department, at 765.423.9388, extension 3204, with questions.

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