Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver began in Tippecanoe County in 2009. The program is organized through the Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office. Project Lifesaver is a program designed to outfit citizens who suffer from Alzheimer's, Dementia, Autism or any other brain disorder that makes a person susceptible to wandering.
International Project Lifesaver Logo, Bringing Loved Ones Home
Bracelet Function
The participant is provided a bracelet by SafetyNet by LoJack. This bracelet can be placed on the wrist or ankle of the participant.
SafetyNet by LoJack Logo

The bracelet emits a continuous unique signal. If the participant were to wander, a trained search and rescue team is organized and called into service. The search team uses specially designed equipment to track and locate the missing person wearing the bracelet.

More Information

If you would like more information about Project Lifesaver please call Sergeant Andy Cree at the Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office, at 765-423-9388. You may also visit the following website for more information:

All Project Lifesaver participants must reside in Tippecanoe County to be eligible. If you would like a loved one to be considered for this program, please complete and return the Project Lifesaver Application (PDF)