TEMA Volunteers

The role of Emergency Management in Tippecanoe County is to maintain a volume of organized and trained volunteers, capable of responding to emergencies and disasters when called upon to serve their community. In general, TEMA is an assistance oriented and resource organization.

Major Role
At the present time the major role of the volunteers is tornado spotting and reporting weather conditions, to warn citizens in the event of tornadoes or other emergencies. They play a large role in communications during other disasters such as flooding, chemical spills, blizzards, etc.

Tippecanoe County Emergency Management would also assist the Red Cross in opening and manning shelters in the event of disasters and evacuation, assist police, fire and emergency service agencies if called upon.

Assistance Provided
Tippecanoe County Emergency Management is determined to maintain a high standard of public relations by responding to the needs of civic organization in the county, such as the March Of Dimes Walk-A-Thon. Tippecanoe County Emergency Management will participate in assisting law enforcement with communications, traffic control and other duties as needed. Another example would be our assistance in the Christmas Parade with communications, assembly, traffic, and crowd control.

Emergency Management Protection Phases
In general the role of Tippecanoe County Emergency Management is to participate in the following 4 phases of emergency management protection:
  1. Mitigation, which includes any activities that prevent a disaster, reduces the chance of a disaster happening, or reduces the damaging effects of unavoidable disasters
  2. Preparedness, which includes plans of preparations made to save lives and to help response and rescue operations
  3. Response, which includes action taken to save lives and prevent further damage in a disaster or emergency situation. Response is putting your preparedness plan into action
  4. Recovery, which includes action taken to return life and property back to normal following a disaster