Cary Home for Children

  1. Rebecca Humphrey

    Executive Director

Tippecanoe County Government Youth Services will not discriminate against any employee, applicant for employment, client, youth, or family member with regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender, age, disability, ancestry, status as a veteran or any other characteristics protected by federal, state or local law ("Protected Characteristics"). 

Our Treatment Staff

Our Treatment Staff is comprised of Masters Level Therapists, trained Adolescent Childcare Specialists/Workers, and a Licensed Practical Nurse.

The treatment staff share the primary goals of:
  • Teaching and training residents how to eliminate violence, harmful choices, and substance abuse from their lives by providing and encouraging appropriate alternatives to coping and problem solving.
  • Assisting in the development of healthy living patterns and relationships, based on respect for themselves and others through a level-based behavior modification program that includes individual, group, and family therapy sessions.

Our Extended Programs

Additional components of Cary Home's continuum of care include:

Evidence-Based Programming
  • Aggression Replacement Training
  • Back on Track
  • Girls Circle
  • Juvenile Justice Jeopardy
  • Restorative Justice
  • Teen Court
  • Truth, Facts and Lies

Community-Based Services
  • Day Reporting
  • Home-Based Therapy
  • Home-Based Case Management

School-Based Services
  • School-Based Youth Liaisons
  • Attendance Intervention

For additional information on these programs, please contact Cary Home for Children at (765) 474-4616. Cary Home also provides
a variety of rich resources and aftercare services to parents or guardians upon release of their child back into the community.
These resources include print material as well as information on available community programs for children and families and follow up care.


So, What's All the Talk About Cary Home for Children?

"The Cary Home staff care about others and take time out of their day to help us kids." - CHG Resident, Age 13

"Cary Home helps you think positively about the goals you want to achieve. The staff is always willing to help you meet these goals and reach your full potential." - RTC Unit Resident, Age 17

"Cary Home is full of dedicated staff that care about each child's success in the future." - Cary Home Staff

"Parenting sessions have increased my discipline, consequence, and parenting strategies. Any parent would profit from the information given at these sessions." - Parent of Program Participant

Our Mission/Vision

Cary Home for Children uses an individualized approach to prepare youth for successful re-entry to the community through:
  • Behavior Modification
  • Case Management
  • Community Engagement
  • Educational Support
  • Family Services
  • Treatment

Our Vision

  • 100% Engagement
  • 100% Safety
  • 100% Success

How to get HELP:
  • Call the National Runaway Safeline at 1-800-RUNAWAY or (800) 786-2929.
  • TXT 4 HELP is a nationwide service offered by Safe Place to help teens connect to the closest location where they can get immediate help and safety.  Text the word SAFE, along with your current location (address/city/state) to the number 69866.
  • or Call the Teen Crisis Line at (765) 426-1872.