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Conference Agenda

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The Area Plan Commission of Tippecanoe County (APCTC) is the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Tippecanoe County, including the cities of Lafayette and West Lafayette, and the Towns of Battle Ground, Dayton and Clarks Hill. The APCTC develops the 25-year Metropolitan Transportation Plan, a list of potential projects planned for the next 25 years, and a four-year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), which lists projects programmed in the next four years. These two documents include planning strategies such as the Complete Streets Policy and a guarantee that 10% of the Federal Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds allocated to Tippecanoe County be dedicated to stand-alone bike and pedestrian infrastructure projects on existing streets. Other responsibilities include planning for an efficient intermodal transportation system by coordinating interactions between transit, rail, highways, bicycles and pedestrians, while focusing on better air quality and more livable communities.

The MPO is governed by the Policy Board, comprised of the chief elected officials from Lafayette, West Lafayette and Tippecanoe County, and representatives from INDOT and CityBus.

Public participation in the planning process is encouraged through two advisory Committees: The Technical Transportation and Citizen Participation Committees. The Technical Transportation Committee is comprised of local, state, and federal engineers and planners, traffic officers, and transit and airport operators. The Citizen Participation Committee is a broad-based, grassroots committee of citizens who are interested in the planning process and assist the MPO with input, as well as outreach.

In 2010, TCAPC was designated as the Rural Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) for adjacent Carroll County, and assists the County with transportation plans, project planning and data collection, such as traffic counting.