Victim Rights

A Victim Has the Right to:
  • Be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect throughout the criminal justice process.
  • Be informed, upon request, when their abuser is released from custody or has escaped.
  • Confer with a representative of the prosecuting attorney's office after the crime has been charged, before the trial, and before any disposition of a criminal case involving the victim.
  • Have the victim's safety considered in determining release from custody of a person accused of committing a crime against the victim.
  • Be heard at any proceeding involving sentencing or a post conviction release decision.
  • Make a written or oral statement for use in preparation of the presentence report.
  • To read presentence reports relating to the crime committed against the victim, except those parts of the reports containing the source of confidential information, information about another victim, or information determined confidential or privileged by the judge in a proceeding.
  • Must be afforded a fair opportunity to respond to the material included in the presentence report.
  • Pursue an order of restitution and other civil remedies against the person convicted of a crime against the victim.
  • Information, upon request, about the disposition of the criminal case involving the victim or the conviction, sentence, and release of a person accused of committing a crime against the victim.
  • Be informed of the victim's constitutional and statutory rights.