Victim Assistance Unit

Our Mission

It is the responsibility of our office to preserve the rights of crime victims according to Indiana law. Our mission is to educate crime victims and help them navigate the criminal justice process.

Our Services

We can notify you when formal charges are filed, provide criminal case updates, assist you with filing a victim impact statement and/or restitution claim, accompany you to court, and refer you to community agencies with programs to help you emotionally or financially.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stay informed of my case?
You may follow the case online at

What if I want to drop charges?
You cannot drop charges; only the prosecutor can.

How do I obtain a Protective Order?
Visit the Clerk’s Office on the 2nd Floor of the County Courthouse to complete the required paperwork. For further assistance, you may also contact a local advocate at (765) 807-1208.

How do I find out if someone is released from custody?
Sign up for VINELink ( to be notified of someone’s release from jail.
Sign up for SAVIN ( to be notified of someone’s release from prison (Department of Correction).

Do I have to appear in court? Will I have to testify?
You are only required to appear if you receive a subpoena.

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