Posting Cash and Surety Bonds

Bonds & Return of Bonds

If the Court has ordered a surety bond to be posted, you will need to contact a bail bondsman. If the Court has ordered a cash bond, it is paid at the Clerk's office during regular office hours and at the Sheriff's office after hours.

When a bond is posted, a receipt will be written. Keep this receipt!  You must have the receipt to have your bond money returned.

How to Receive A Refund

To receive a refund of bond money, you must:
  1. Get a release from the Court where your case was filed.
  2. Bring the original receipt, the release from the Court, and a photo ID to the Tippecanoe County Clerk's Office located on the second floor of the Courthouse.
  3. The clerk will review your paperwork. Refund checks will not be written until the next day. If you want to pick up your check, it will be ready after 12:00 noon on the next business day. If you do not tell us in advance that you want to pick up the check, we will mail it to you.

Administrative Fees & Court Costs

Ten percent of the amount of the bond, up to a maximum of $50, will be retained by the Clerk's Office as an administrative fee. In addition, the Court may order a portion or all of your bond applied to restitution or court costs.

Name On Bond

Bonds are written only in the name of the defendant; regardless of who paid that bond. Bond refunds will be made payable to and given only to the defendant. If you are posting money on behalf of someone else, it will be your responsibility to collect that money from the defendant when and if the bond is returned.

Checks will ONLY be given to the person to whom it is issued. You must bring a photo ID if picking up your check from our office.

If you wish to post the cash portion of a bond online and by credit card, please select the PayvGov.US link to the right.

The following is a list of fees associated with utilizing this service.

Please use Location Code 38034 for Posting Bonds

PayGov.Us Link for online payments