Juvenile Intake Division

Located in the Tippecanoe Law Enforcement Building, the Juvenile Intake Division's primary function is to process and assess youth who have been arrested by local law enforcement.  Youth receive a mental health screen (MAYSI), a substance abuse screen (SASSI), and a detention risk assessment instrument (DRAI).  This detention screening tool is an objective instrument designed to assess those youth who pose a risk to the community, and/or, who are at risk for failure to appear for court proceedings.

In addition to their primary function, Intake Probation Officers also supervise those youth who have been diverted from formal court action and placed on an Informal Adjustment.

All juvenile related fees are to be paid at the Clerk's Office located on the 2nd floor of the Courthouse. 

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Notice to Parents

If your child is exhibiting unruly behavior, the following documents have been provided as a resource and as general information.