Adult Division

Adult Probation Officers are responsible for the supervision of adult offenders who have been placed on supervised probation.  It is the goal of Tippecanoe County Probation to facilitate community value, safety, and offender rehabilitation by utilizing evidence based principles.

Fees associated with Probation supervision

Felony Cases:              $100.00 Administrative Fee

                                      $100.00 Initial Probation User Fee

                                      $30.00 Monthly Probation User Fee

Misdemeanor Cases: $50.00 Administrative Fee

                                       $50.00 Initial Probation User Fee

                                       $20.00 Monthly Probation User Fee

Travel Permits

Approval of a travel permit is at the sole discretion of your assigned Probation Officer. You may not leave the State of Indiana without proper approval and a travel permit.  In addition, you must be current on your probation fees to be approved for a travel permit.

Submit a travel permit request to your Probation Officer.  This is a request ONLY, and is not considered a valid travel permit.

Change of Address?

Submit a change of address notification to your Probation Officer.

Adult Rules of Probation

Intrastate (County to County within IN) Transfer Information

If you have questions regarding transferring your probation to another county within the State of Indiana, click here.


Interstate (State to State) Compact Information

If you have questions or are seeking information regarding state to state transfer of probation, click here.  Please note, an application for interstate compact transfer of probation supervision may take up to 45 days for review and possible approval by the receiving state.  Also, there is a $125.00 non-refundable application fee which MUST be paid prior to submission of the compact transfer request.

To find out if you are eligible to apply for a transfer of your probation to another state, click here.