Functions & Responsibilities

Assessor's Office Functions

The primary function of the Assessor's office is to assess the value of real and personal property. Property taxes in Indiana are collected by the local county treasurers, based on assessments that are provided by the county assessors. These assessments are based on guidelines and regulations set forth by state legislators and adopted by the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance (which can be found on the Overview of Assessments page).

Following are some of our other functions, responsibilities and services.

Key Responsibilities of the Assessor

  • Acts as Inheritance Tax Appraiser and audits and approves Inheritance Tax forms
  • Calculates the total assessed value of each taxing district
  • Certifies current gross assessments to the County Auditor's Office
  • Collects and maintains sales information on properties sold from 1997 to present
  • Ensures uniformity and equitable assessments for all property owners
  • Selects the Assessment Software and Computer Systems
  • Oversees review and verification of the self-reported values of all personal property in each taxing district
  • Oversees the General Reassessment process
  • Processes Appeal of Assessment petitions
  • Processes Not-For-Profit Property Tax Exemption Applications
  • Serves as Secretary on the County Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals (PTABOA)
  • Utilizes Sales Disclosures to establish base market rates and values in each neighborhood and adjusts base values for location, distance to amenities, and other influence factors

Change to Market Value Approach of Assessing

The State of Indiana is adjusting to the change from a cost approach of assessing to a market value approach of assessing. Annual trending is performed with the goal of bring assessments in line with market values for the 2 years prior to the current tax year. The Tippecanoe County Assessor complies with Indiana Assessing Statutes as well as International Association of Assessing Official Standards.

You will find most of the forms that are filed with the Assessors Office in the Department of Local Government Finance "Forms" section of the Indiana state website.