Town of Battle Ground Land Use Study

APC staff, with the assistance of the Battle Ground Steering Committee, will be working on updating the Battle Ground Area Adopted Land Use Plan which was adopted in 1998.  We will be deciding what remains valid and what changes are necessary based on the last 25 years of growth, and how the future of Battle Ground is viewed from good ol’ 2023.  Please click the link above to read the 1998 Battle Ground plan we will be updating. (Study area shown on map below)

Planning Update-March 1, 2023

With the public input sessions completed in January and February, the steering committees for Wabash Township and Battle Ground/Tippecanoe Township are now processing the comments in order to develop a set of Vision, Goals, and Objectives that will guide the planning processes for these efforts. 

 The Steering Committees will work with APC staff to begin developing the essential elements of the plans that will address transportation, infrastructure issues, future land uses, and implementation strategies. 

 Once their work is complete drafts of the plans will be presented to the public and public comment period will be opened. An announcement will be made once draft versions of the plans are ready for review.

Contact our office with any questions (765-423-9242).