Neighborhood Info

The Assessor's Office delineates residential property in Tippecanoe County into neighborhoods of similar properties. These groupings may be different from what residents may consider to be their "neighborhood." We focus not only on location, but also similarity of construction, ages of property, similar architectural types and materials used, school districts, and more to determine what groupings of property should be trending together.

As part of our ongoing, state-mandated process of Cyclical Reassessment (wherein each property in Tippecanoe County gets reassessed every four years), our Cyclical Reassessment team has begun compiling data on selected neighborhoods to provide a focused look at what properties comprise the neighborhood, what are the recent sales prices, what is the level of assessment, and what are the traits and defining characteristics of that particular neighborhood. By making this data public, we hope to help taxpayers understand why their property is included in a certain neighborhood, and why their assessed value is what it is.

This is an ongoing process, and as the Cyclical Reassessment process continues, we will be eventually be able to produce detailed information for every residential neighborhood in Tippecanoe County. This page will be updated continually. Listed below are the neighborhoods that have recently been reviewed.

Important note: Cyclical Reassessment is not to be confused with Trending (also known as Annual Adjustments). Trending happens annually, and is the act of analyzing the ratio of sales prices to assessed values, and applying factors to properties so that assessments are within the state-mandated guidelines of assessment. Cyclical Reassessment is the process of reviewing a property to ensure that the information on its property record card is accurate.

Please also note that neighborhoods are not static, and new neighborhoods can be created, or properties occasionally are moved from one neighborhood to another, depending on what the data reveals.

Detailed Neighborhood Info

These links will take you directly to the in-depth neighborhood report for the selected neighborhoods. you can discover what neighborhood your property is in by searching for your property on Beacon, and refer to the "Neighborhood code" under the property summary.
  • 207 - Cribs R3 Subdivision
  • 208 - Cobblestone Subdivision
  • 210 - Southlea, Lindale, and Tecumseh Additions
  • 211 - Southland Addition
  • 212 - Twyckenham Estates and Coventry Glenn Subdivision
  • 213 - Seasons Four and Mill Creek Subdivisions
  • 215 - French Quarter, Stonewick and Southern Meadows Subdivisions
  • 216 - Triple J Pointe Subdivision
  • 217 - Huntleigh Estates Subdivision
  • 219 - Valley Forge Subdivision
  • 220 - The Commons and The Landing at Valley of the Lakes
  • 221 - Southwestern Tippecanoe County Rural Parcels
  • 222
  • 223 - Brookwood Estates, Southernview Subdivision, Canterbury Farms & Stand-alone Parcels
  • 317 - Meadowbrook and Brookwood Subdivisions
  • 401 - Amberleigh Village
  • 402 - University Farms and St. Joseph Subdivision
  • 403 - Avondale, Temple, Bar Barry, and Glenwood Meadows Subdivisions
  • 404 - Glenwood Heights
  • 409 - Greater Sycamore Subdivisions
  • 410 - Wabash Shores, Park Ridge, Grays and Alma Subdivisions
  • 412 - Greater Happy Hollow Heights Subdivisions and single parcels
  • 413 - Wabash Shores, Ridge Hollow, Pawnee Woods, and Hitching Post Subdivisions
  • 414 - Wabash Shores and Riley Meadows Subdivisions
  • 416 - Greater Northwestern Gardens
  • 417 - Oakhurst, Northwestern Heights, and Dean Subdivisions
  • 418 - Greater Hills and Dales Addition
  • 421 - Eastern New Chauncey Neighborhoods
  • 423 - Greater Forest Hills, Sunset Ridge, and Grandview Heights
  • 430 - Camelback Planned Development
  • 5592 - Shawnee Ridge and Battlefield Heights
  • 5594 - Prophets Ridge Section 1 and 2
  • 631 - Raineybrook and Reserves Subdivision
  • 6331 - The Villas at Stonebridge Planned Development
  • 699 - Raineybrook Bay Subdivision
  • 784 - Lambsdowne and Glick Minor Subdivision Lot 1
  • 789 - Meadowgate Estates Subdivision
  • 801 - Tippe-Canuck Estates, Sundowner Subdivision, and Livingstone Estates

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