2022 Through Current Year


  1. ORD 2022-02-CM, UZO Amendment No.103, APC, 03.21.22
  2. ORD 2022-04-CM, Rezone from AA to A (Z-2846), Area Plan, 05.02.2022 (Denied)
  3. ORD 2022-05-CM, Food Handling Regulations, Health Dep, 05.16.2022
  4. ORD 2022-06-CM, Ammend Zoning Ordinance, Rezone Real Estate
  5. ORD 2022-07-CM, Ammend Zoning Ordinance
  6. ORD 2022-08-CM, Ammend Zoning Ordinance, NO. 97-51-CM
  7. ORD 2022-09-CM, Sheriff Sale Program and Service Fee
  8. ORD 2022-10-CM, Speed Limits and Traffic Control Devices
  9. ORD 2022-12-CM, Ammend Zoning Ordinance, NO. 97-51-CM
  10. ORD 2022-13-CM, Ammend Zoning Ordinance, NO. 97-51-CM
  11. ORD 2022-14-CL, Fixing Compensation of all County Officers
  12. ORD 2022-15-CL. Tippecanoe County Appropriations and Tax Rates
  13. ORD 2022-16-CL, TCSWMD Appropriations and Tax Rates
  14. ORD 2022-17-CL, Little Wea Conservancy District Appropriations and Tax Rates
  15. ORD 2022-18-CL, Record Perpetuation Fund to Support 2023 Operating Expenses
  16. ORD 2022-19-CL, Sheriff Department Fee Schedule
  17. ORD 2022-20-CM, Amend the Zoning Ordinance of Tippe CO to rezone from NB to R1U
  18. ORD 2022-21-CM, Amend the Zoning Ordinance of Tippe CO to rezone from A to R1
  19. ORD 2023-01-CM Rezone from GB to R1_ z-2869
  20. ORD 2023-02-CM, Stormwater Management
  21. ORD 2023-03-CM, UZO Amendment 109
  22. ORD 2023-04-CM, Rezone of Stockwell
  23. ORD 2023-05-CM, Amend Health Dept Fees
  24. ORD 2023-06-CM, UZO Amendment 107
  25. ORD 2023-07-CM, Public Defender Board
  26. ORD 2023-08-CM, Vacate Platted Easement
  27. ORD 2023-09-CM, APC Rezone Z-2885
  28. ORD 2023-10-CM, APC Rezone Z-2886
  29. ORD 2023-12-CM, APC Rezone Z-2889
  30. ORD 2023-13-CM, APC Rezone Z-2890
  31. ORD 2023-14-CM, APC Rezone Z-2876
  32. ORD 2023-15-CM, APC Rezone Z-2891
  33. ORD 2023-16-CM, APC Rezone z-2895 Moon26E LLC
  34. ORD 2023-17-CL_Fixing the Compensation off all County Officers
  35. ORD 2023-18-CL_Tippecanoe County Budgets
  36. ORD 2023-19-CL_Solid Waste
  37. ORD 2023-20-CL_Little Wea Conservancy District
  38. ORD 2023-21-CL_Recorders Perpetuation Fund
  39. ORD 2023-22-CM, Retail Sales of Cats and Dogs
  40. ORD 2023-23-CM, UZO Amendment 111
  41. ORD 2023-24-CM, APC Rezone Z-2908
  42. ORD 2023-25-CM, APC Rezone Z-2906
  43. ORD 2023-26-CM, High Volume Water Export and Radial Collector Well Moratorium
  44. ORD 2023-27-CM, Amending Health Department Fees


  1. RES 2022-01-CM, Establishing Regular Meeting Dates, 1.3.22
  2. RES 2022-02-CM, Department Head Appointments, 1.3.22
  3. RES 2022-03-CM, Appointments to Various Boards And Commissions, 1.3.22 (2)
  4. RES 2022-04-CL, American Fibertech Corp. Declaratory Resolution, 01.11.2022
  5. RES 2022-05-CM, Establishing Intent to conduct Commissioners Certificate Sale, 1.18.2022
  6. RES 2022-06-CL, American Fibertech Confirmatory Resolution
  7. RES 2022-07-CM, Resolution Concnering Scriveners Error, Commissioners, 02.07.22
  8. RES 2022-08-CL, Endorsing Plan for Expenditure of ARP Funds, 03.08.2022
  9. RES 2022-09-CM, Opt Back in to Opioids Settlement, 03.21.2022
  10. RES 2022-10-CM, Providing for Expenditure of ARPA Funds, Commissioners, 3.21.22
  11. RES 2022-11-CL, Application of Triclinic Labs, Inc., Declaratory 04.12.2022
  12. RES 2022-12-CM, Application for Property Tax Deductions for TriClinic Labs, Inc., 04.18.2022
  13. RES 2022-13-CM, Application for Section 5311_5339 Federal Transit Act, 4.18.22
  14. RES 2022-14-CL, Confirmatory Resolution for Triclinic Labs, Inc., Designation of an ERA, 05.10.2022
  15. RES 2022-15-CM, Title IV-E Fund Created
  16. RES 2022-16-CM, Establishing Opiods Settlement Fund
  17. Res 2022-17-CM, Health Dept Donation Fund Amendment
  18. RES 2022-18-CM, E911 Funds pt. 1
  19. RES 2022-18-CM, E911 Funds pt. 2
  20. RES 2022-18-CM, E911 Funds pt. 3
  21. Res 2022-19-CM, GIS ESRI Special Purchasing Method
  22. Res 2022-20-CM, E911 Funds for Motorola Purchase
  24. RES 2022-22-CM, ARP Funds
  25. RES 2022-23-CM, Amend and Update the Multi-Hazzard Mitigation Plam
  26. RES 2022-24-CM, APC Planning and Zoning Services
  27. Res 2022-25-CM Creating Prosecutor Donation Fund
  28. Res 2022-26-CM ARPA Broadband Award
  29. RES 2022-27-CL, Fixing 2023 Salary of County Surveyor
  30. RES 2022-28-CL, Fixing 2023 Salary of County Coroner
  31. RES 2022-29-CL, Establishing Salary Schedule for County Assessor with and without Level 3 Certification
  32. RES 2022-30-CL, Confirming Funding of Community Intellectual Disability Centers
  33. RES 2022-31-CL, Confirming Funding of Community Mental Health Centers
  34. RES 2022-32-CL, Creating County Offender Transportation Fund and State Share Interstate Compact Application Fee Fund
  35. Res 2022-33-CM Certification
  36. Res 2022-33-CM Support of Fairfield Trustee Removal
  37. RES 2022-34-CL, Approving Sheriff Commissary Fund Expenditures
  38. RES 2022-35-CL, Certification
  39. RES 2022-35-CL, Support of Fairfield Trustee Removal
  40. RES 2022-36-CM, Amend the Comprehensive Plan for Tippe CO by Adopting Stockwell Land Use Plan
  41. RES 2022-37-CM_ Syringe Exchange Program
  42. RES 2023-01-CM_Establishing Regular Meeting Dates
  43. RES 2023-02-CM_Appointments
  44. RES 2023-03-CM_Appointments to Various Boards
  45. RES 2023-04-CM_Amend the Thoroughfare Plan VOL 4
  46. RES 2023-05-CM_Transfer Dormant Funds and Close Accounts
  47. RES 2023-06-CM, Authorize Filing for Grant_Federal Transit Act
  48. RES 2023-07-CM, Accepting State Public Health Funding
  49. RES 2023-08-CM, Taser Transfer to Dayton
  50. RES 2023-09-CL_Fixing 2024 Salary of County Surveyor
  51. RES 2023-10-CL_Fixing the 2024 Salary of County Coroner
  52. RES 2023-11-CL_Salary Schedule for County Assessor
  53. RES 2023-12-CL_Community Intellectual Disability Centers
  54. RES 2023-13-CL_Community Mental Health Centers
  55. RES 2023-14-CL_Confirm Minimum Fund Balnaces
  56. RES 2023-15-CL_Distributing County Share Innkeepers Tax Funds
  57. RES 2023-17-CM, Concerning LEAP Water Extraction, Export, and Pipeline