Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off

photo of gas can, flourescent tubes, battery, and oil filter
We provide a drop-off location for Tippecanoe households to safely dispose of their hazardous waste for free.  All liquids must be in quantities of 5 gallons or less, in a clearly labeled container, and in a leak-proof container.  We do NOT accept oil based paint, single-use household batteries, or medical waste.    

If you are not sure if we accept the material you have, give us a call and we can help you figure it out!  Solid Waste Hotline Phone Number: 765-423-2858  
These are the materials we accept:

Materials Accepted at Tippecanoe's Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off

  • aerosol cans
  • ammonia and bleach
  • antifreeze
  • ballasts
  • break fluid
  • car batteries
  • cleaning chemicals
  • cooking oil
  • deck sealer
  • fertilizers
  • fire extinguishers
  • fluorescent tubes
  • furniture polish
  • gasoline
  • HID lamps
  • lamp oil
  • linseed oil
  • mercury and mercury thermometers
  • motor oil
  • NiCad batteries
  • NiHydride Batteries
  • oil based paint
  • oil filters
  • paint remover
  • pesticides
  • poisons
  • polyurethane
  • pool and spa chemicals
  • small propane tanks
  • smoke detectors
  • transmission fluid
  • UPS batteries
The Transfer Station at 2770 N 9th Street can be difficult to navigate if you have not been there before.  The mixed recycling bins, the cardboard bin, the paper bin, and the household hazardous waste drop-off are all in the same area at the transfer station.  When you pull in to the property, you will see the mixed recycling bins straight in front of you.  The hazardous waste drop-off is right next to these.  Pull up next to the recycling bins and turn right just past them.  After you turn right you will see small trailers on your right (storage for the hazardous waste) and a stop sign in front of you with a sign on it that says "Household Hazardous Waste."  Pull up to this stop sign, park your car, and an attendant will come by when they see you parked there.   
satellite photo of the transfer station with different drop-off locations labeled

Out of county residents, businesses, non-profits, and churches cannot use this drop-off.  Out of county residents should check with their local solid waste district.  Businesses, non-profits, and churches will need to contact a private company to pickup their hazardous waste.  Some private companies that deal in hazardous waste are listed below:

Private Hazardous Waste Companies 

table of private companies that deal in hazardous waste
Company Name phone number website specialty
Heritage Environmental 877-436-8778 general hazardous waste
NuGenesis 317-834-8200 general hazardous waste
Bee Environmental 317-839-9323 general hazardous waste
Safety Kleen 317-888-0570 oils
Lighting Resources 317-888-3889 light bulbs
Curie Environmental 505-888-9392 smoke detectors and radioactive waste