_E Waste Day (2)

Spring 2024 Electronics Recycling Event!

Saturday, April 6 from 8am-2pm
Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds 

Electronics Recycling: Tippecanoe County residents may bring in electric and electronic devices such as TVs, computers, laptops, vacuum cleaners, printers, etc. for recycling at no charge. We will NOT accept items with refrigerant such as AC units, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, or freezers.

We will NOT accept large appliances such as washing machines or stoves. Those can be recycled at Oscar Winski Scrap Metal at 2407 N 9th St. All attendees must show proof of Tippecanoe County residency to receive free service. If you cannot show proof of Tippecanoe County residency, you will have to pay the regular fees for e-waste with Green Wave Electronics.

Paper shredding: A paper shredding truck will be on-site to accept up to two banker boxes of paper to shred and recycle from each car. Just pull up, dump your box in the bin, and that's it! Paper clips, staples, folders, and file tabs are A-OK! Please remove binders and alligator clips.

Medicine take-back: The Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Department will also be here to accept any unused or expired medicines. Over-the-counter and prescription (including controlled substances) are accepted. Be ready to dump all the medicine from the bottles when dropping off. All of your medicines will be destroyed and disposed of safely. We will not take liquids, needles of any kind, insulin, or powders.

We will have volunteers on hand to unload your electronics. Please have them packed in your vehicle in an easy-to-unload manner so that we can keep the line of cars moving.

Vape recycling
String Light Recycling

De-Trash The Wabash

De-Trash the Wabash is a bi-annual event that focuses on cleaning up the banks of the Wabash River! This year on October 21st,  volunteers will take to the Wabash to remove debris like tires, clothing, bikes, and trash from the shore and the water. Over 9 miles of the river gets cleaned from Davis Ferry Park to Fort Ouiantenon. This is a great way for citizens to show their love for the Wabash River and their desire for clean water and a healthy watershed! Interested in signing up? Visit!

Vape Recycling

Disposable vapes contain lithium-ion batteries which need to be disposed of as electronics waste. When disposed of in the trash, they can start fires in waste trucks and leak hazardous materials into the environment. To help residents dispose of their vapes properly, we started a vape recycling program! We have drop-off bins located at the below places for people to take their disposable vapes to be recycled!

AM PM- 208 South St. West Lafayette

Indy Smoke Time- 418 Sagamore Pkwy N Lafayette

Sunnyside Smoke Shop - 519 Main St. Lafayette

String Light Recycling 

Finding broken string lights as you decorate for the holidays? Get them recycled by dropping them off at sites around Tippecanoe County! 

During the months leading up to the holidays, the Tippecanoe County Government Building, West Lafayette City Hall, and Lafayette City Hall are hosting collection boxes that anyone from the public can drop their broken string lights in to get recycled! 

The box at the County Building is just inside the front door in the main lobby. The box at Lafayette City Hall is in the lobby at the entrance on South St right next to the elevators.  The box at the West Lafayette City Hall will be just inside the front doors.

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