Materials NOT Accepted

The list of different manufactured materials and types of packaging is endless, and it's not possible to list every possible item that is NOT recyclable in our County drop-off bins or City curbside recycling.  We'll list the main items that confuse people and should not go in to mixed recycling.
These items should NOT go in to the County drop-off recycling bins or in Lafayette or West Lafayette curbside recycling.  They may be recyclable at a different location, but the should not go in to our mixed recycling. 
  • aluminum foil
  • anything in a plastic bag
  • berry containers
  • cookie trays
  • paper napkins and paper towels
  • paper plates and cups
  • plastic cups, plates, and cutlery
  • plastic grocery or retail bags
  • plastic toys
  • salad tubs
  • styrofoam
  • vinyl siding
  • wet or soiled paper or cardboard
  • yogurt tubs
graphic showing loose recyclables going in to a bin
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