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The Assessor's Office is expanding our GIS and mapping capabilities for both governmental and public use. You are invited to explore the public maps and and apps the Assessor's Office has developed by clicking the banner above.

Congratulations to James Werner for winning ESRI's 2021 Special Achievement in GIS Award! The Tippecanoe County Assessor's Office is constantly working to relay information to the public in an accessible, understandable way, and this award reflects the effort that has gone into making that possible.

If you are interested in accessing Hub tools on behalf of a governmental entity or a non-profit organization, please contact 
James Werner for additional information.

Tippecanoe County Assessor GIS Mission and Policy Statement

Mission Statement:

The Tippecanoe County Assessor’s Geographic Information System’s (GIS) function is to gather, store, process and deliver geographic information both internally and to the public in an easy-to-use accessible and cost effective format.

GIS Policy:

GIS has proven to be integral in a variety of public and private decision-making processes. It is not only an important tool for internal government users but also for real estate professionals along with the general public to access data about our community. We seek to empower individuals within our organization, other governmental departments, and in the general public and professional community with geospatial technologies to view and analyze data. That data includes the physical property information, location of real and personal property, market data, and other community information.

Our map publishing standards are designed to provide complete transparency and accessibility of the content we deliver. Through expert data analysis, our staff presents geographical data in a creative, productive, and cost-effective manner that encourages both internal and external users to utilize the tools available.

The strategic GIS goals of the Tippecanoe County Assessor’s GIS initiatives are to explore new technologies to fulfill the vision and mission of our office; increase and maintain data integrity to provide the most current and accurate spatial data; form alliances and partnerships with other departments as a way to promote GIS to their specific needs; save taxpayer dollars by sharing our GIS data with others; and promote an efficient operation by optimizing business processes.

The Tippecanoe County Assessor's Office strives to provide accurate and timely data to be visualized on Public GIS systems for public benefit. We are committed to supplying any data that the Assessor’s Office maintains to facilitate other public data retrieval and GIS systems. However, any assessment data conveyed must meet the following standards:

-Any physical data and/or valuation information must be clearly dated.

-Historical information can be conveyed with appropriate dating but current valuation and physical data cannot be more than 12 months out of date.

Statement of Principles:

The Tippecanoe County Assessor recognizes that sharing of geographic information can result in considerable savings for local governments by minimizing duplication of effort in digital data creation and data maintenance procedures. In the event that tools or access are limited our office will seek independent solutions such as the use of cost-effective contracted services such as BEACON or maintaining our own ARC GIS Online accounts and HUB. Aside from protected or legally redacted data, it is at the discretion of the elected Assessor as to what information can be shared with the public and in what format via services that are paid for and maintained by our office.

The Tippecanoe County Assessor acquires, develops, maintains, and uses GIS data in support of its statuary internal functions and in the services it provides to the public. The GIS data which the Assessor distributes and to which it provides access may not be suitable for all purposes or uses. GIS data sets are provided with no warranty or guarantee of accuracy. The data is provided only as reference and should be cross-referenced by other sources. Our GIS data is not a substitute for legal surveys or records, and is simply a snapshot of information we have created and collected at a given time.

The Assessor GIS data is obtained from sources the Assessor believes to be reliable. However, because of the possibility of human or mechanical error we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data and do not assume any responsibility for its uses.  

Tippecanoe Assessor Hub Administrative Policy and Standards

Assessor Hub Administration

As this is an Assessor funded subscription; administration will only be by assigned Assessor personnel or for specific projects as deemed necessary by the Assessor.

Administrators can create or remove members of the organization, create and assign user groups, and monitor logistics. Administrators are responsible for reporting to the Assessor or other requesting agencies statistics regarding the use and function of maps. Analytical data may be used by the Assessor for valuation of projects or to assess operational efficiency. 

Our GIS administrators are committed to providing to Users tools and resources to collect and analyze geospatial information.

The Assessor will spend no resources on GIS systems that a member of our office cannot co-administer.

We welcome internal users of various departments to utilize services our office procures and to allow department level and specific project administrative access. Publishers of maps for public consumption should follow all branding and cartographic standards as set forth by the Assessor on systems exclusively paid for by the office and as set by committee for shared publishing services.

Users and members of the public wishing to have maps printed should consult with the Department of Information and Technology.

Assessor Hub Policy Standards

The Assessor Hub community is intended to serve the Assessor staff in carrying out their statutory duties. As the service agreement with ERSI allows for far more “creators” than the Assesor’s Office currently maintains, Hub can also facilitate related projects for other departments and community organizations.

Members can be added or deleted at the sole discretion of the Assessor. Publishing privileges and access to advance licenses will be prioritized based on the users’ interest, needs, and use.

Assessor Hub Publishers

Assessor Hub publishers are able to publish maps both public facing and for internal use. All public facing maps should adhere to the Tippecanoe County Assessor branding standards and GIS cartography design and legibility rules. Public facing maps should never include owner names or sensitive financial information to avoid the need for redaction.

Assessor Hub Users

Hub internal and public users will have the ability to customize design of maps published to their groups and to the public. Some functionality may only be accessible to those with ESRI accounts or members of the our HUB community.

2021 Assessor GIS Budget

Budget information will be updated annually. Last updated 2/28/2022.
  • ESRI: $16,000
  • Beacon: $1,320
  • GovOS GIS document integration: $10,000