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Wonders Pre-Test Central Catholic

  1. What school do you attend?*
  2. When is your day on the water?*
  3. What is a watershed?*
  4. The Wabash River's name comes from the native Miami word, "Wabashiki," which means?*
  5. Watersheds can extend beyond county, state, or even country lines.*
  6. You can have an influence on the water quality in the Golf of Mexico.*
  7. Choose an example of something that may harm a watershed. Check all that apply.*
  8. If plants are removed from the banks of a river, erosion can increase. Large quantiities of sediment in the water can be harmful to some freshwater mussels. *
  9. The Wabash and Erie Canal was the longest canal ever built in American.*
  10. Sediment is natural therefor has no impact on water quality.*
  11. Why is dissolved oxygen in water important?*
  12. Invasive Zebra Mussels are:*
  13. Railroads replaced the canal as the most popular means of shipping in the region.*
  14. The Wabash River originates in northwestern Ohio State and empties into the Ohio River.*
  15. How many species of freshwater mussels (order Unionoida) are historically known from Indiana?*
  16. How many layers does the freshwater mussel shell consist of?*
  17. Are freshwater mussels essential to their ecosystem?*
  18. Freshwater mussels are?*
  19. Freshwater mussels eat by filtering bacteria, plankton, and other organic (living) particles from the wagter with their gills.*
  20. A primary duty of freshwater mussels is to filter materials from the water, which in turn helps maintain a healthy aquatic ecosystem.*
  21. What is the best practice to help stormwater quality?*
  22. What percentage of pollutants are removed from wastewater in the treatment process?*
  23. What tool would you use to check if you have the right combination of old and new bacteria?*
  24. How many miles of sanitary and storm sewers are in Lafayette's system?*
  25. Do fish and macroinvertebrates live in the same habitat?*
  26. Why would we collect fish with an electrofisher and not a rod and reel? Check all that apply.*
  27. What is the number one contaminate, by volume, in Indiana's waterways?*
  28. What life stage of fish will we find in backwaters?*
  29. What type of substrate are usually found in the backwater?*
  30. What are aquatic macroinvertebrates?*
  31. What type of habitat do mosquitos need to breed?*
  32. What makes good habitat?*
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