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Conservation Field Day 2023 - Educator form

  2. As a teacher, did you feel like you received enough information about CFD?*
  3. How satisfied were you with the location of CFD?*
  4. Was the length of the sessions too short, too long, just right.*
  5. How satisfied were you with your lunch options?
  6. How satisfied were you with the Superheros of Science general session?*
  7. How satisfied were you with the organization of CFD?*
  8. Listed below are the 2023 CFD presenters. Please tell how satisfied you were with the group of presenters you had.
  9. Megan Gunn - Macro Mayhem
  10. Ben McCallister - Urban Forestry
  11. Bryan Forkner - Water Above & Below
  12. Sherry Fulk-Bringman - Soils
  13. Jarred Brooke - Animal Tracks
  14. Caitlin & Derek - Waste Water
  15. Brian McGowan - Reptile Charastics
  16. Haiden McCurry - Pond/Marsh Biodiversity
  17. Matt Wright - Fishing 101
  18. Amy Krzton-Presson - Birding
  19. Tom Bacula - Fisheries Biologist
  20. Shelby Roberts - Eastern Hellbender
  21. James McKenna - Tree Pollination
  22. Brant Fisher - Freshwater Mussels
  23. Emily Myers - Frogs & Toads
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