Tuesday, February 20, 2018
10:00 am
Tippecanoe Room, Tippecanoe County Office Building
20 N 3rd Street, Lafayette, Indiana



Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of Minutes

Tuesday, February 5, 2018

Presentation of Accounts Payable Vouchers and Payroll- Paula Bennett


Highway- Stewart Kline

Supplemental Agreement #1 – Environmental Services for Concord Road and CR 450 South Multi-Use Path Project - Butler, Fairman, & Seufert

LPA Supplemental Agreement #1 – Change in Federal Aid Project for Morehouse Road from Sagamore Parkway to CR 500 North Project – Indiana Department of Transportation

Application for Permit to Close or Block a County Road –  Laces for Lisa 5K Race on April 7, 2018, 9:30am to 11:00am on CR 500 South between Mayflower Mill exit and Sunrise Christian Church

Change of Highway Maintenance Garage Hours 

Street Acceptance – Avalon Bluff, Section Two, to include the following streets:  Glastonburg Way, 898.14’; Lamerocke Way, 942.01’ and Gawain Drive, 131.50’

3 Year Street Maintenance Bond – Merritt Contracting, Inc. for Avalon Bluff, Section Two for $28,677.19

Street Acceptance – Auburn Meadows, Section One, to include the following streets:  West Big Pine Drive, 1,324.56’; Hayloft Drive, 1,821.56’ and Foal Drive, 541.73’

3 Year Street Maintenance Bond – Fairfield Contractors, Inc. for Auburn Meadows, Section One for $93,091

3 Year Construction Maintenance Bond – JR Bowling, LLC. for $5,000 to work in County Right-of-Way

3 Year Construction Maintenance Bond – Paragus Construction Company, Inc. for $5,000 for Major Subdivision Entrance (Country Squire) on Morehouse Road

Continuation Certificate – West Point Telephone Company, Inc. dba TDS Telecom for $5,000 to work in County Right-of-Way

Continuation Certificate – Tri-County Telephone Company dba TDS Telecom for $5,000 to work in County Right-of-Way

Health- Craig Rich

MOU with Lafayette Transitional Housing for Gateway to Hope Mobile Unit Site

Youth Services- Rebecca Humphrey

Contract with Jeffrey Burnett for Policing the Teen Brain Training

Amended Contract with the National Association of Youth Courts

Grants- Sharon Hutchison


Coroner- Donna Avolt

Agreement with Mortuary Services, Inc.

Resolution 2018-08-CM

Declaration of Official Intent to Reimburse Expenditures

Agreement with Tbird Design Services Corporation for ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey- YMCA


Unfinished/New Business


Reports on File


Public Comment