West Lafayette Downtown Plan

The West Lafayette City Council adopted on May 7, 2018, Resolution 07-18 requesting the Area Plan Commission of Tippecanoe County to study the traditional downtown areas of Chauncey Village and the Levee and create a land use plan as an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan for Tippecanoe County. A steering committee of stakeholders has been engaged to guide the development of the plan prior to a formal public comment period (TBA). All documents and plan drafts connected with the development of this plan are below.

West Lafayette Downtown Plan Study Area Map

Draft Plan December 2018

Draft Plan January 2019

Draft Plan March 2019

Draft Plan April 2019

Draft Plan June 2019

Draft Plan August 2019

Draft Plan October 2019

Draft Plan December 2019
Any questions regarding the planning process as it unfolds should be directed to Ryan O’Gara at 765-423-9248 or rogara@tippecanoe.in.gov