Tippecanoe County Online Traffic Infraction Deferral

The Traffic Infraction Deferral Program Online Submission

Instructions for completing the Infraction Deferral Agreement w/o Attorney (you represent yourself).

Please read all the steps first and follow them in order to make sure you have all the necessary information.

​1. It may take several days after you receive the infraction for the information to appear in the court computer system. You will need to know Cause Number (also called Case Number) in order to complete the form.
​The Cause Number can be obtained from the following web site: (Indiana Courts)
​You can search on your first and last name (as it appears on the ticket), but if you have a common name it is recommended that you also enter your date of birth to narrow the results. Also choose “Tippecanoe County” to narrow your results. Cause# (a/k/a Case#) is in the following format: 79D06-yymm-IF-12345, where yy is the the year and mm is the month ticket was filed with the court. An example would be 79D06-1811-IF-00123. It is important to include the leading “0”s in the number. Write this number down.

​2. Complete the online Infraction Deferral Agreement at this LINK.

​3. Pay $192.50 to the Clerk of the Court through the online payment system HERE. (You must clink this link to get to the correct GovPay processing site.) For "Type of Payment" enter "Traffic Deferral". There is a 3.75% processing fee that is calculated automatically for you.

4. After completing Agreement form and submitting payment to  the Clerk of the Court, please allow 7 business days for the process to complete. You can check your Cause/Case Number on the Indiana Courts website to make sure payment has been applied to your case.  ​