Community Development

  1. Area Plan Commission (APC)

    The APC of Tippecanoe County is the multi-jurisdictional planning agency serving the cities of Lafayette and West Lafayette, the Towns of Battle Ground, Clarks Hill and Dayton, and unincorporated Tippecanoe County. Created in 1959, its 3 primary functions are Comprehensive Planning (plans and policies to shape the future), Current Planning (zoning and land division ordinances to implement the plans), and Transportation Planning (plans and strategies to serve all forms of future transportation needs).

  2. Building Commission

    The Tippecanoe County Building Commission office reviews and issues permits for building construction, fills, demolitions, and electrics.

  3. Highway Department

    The Tippecanoe County Highway Department strives to build and maintain our roadway infrastructure such that the transporting of people, goods, and services is comfortable, efficient, and safe. We will continue to work to improve the transportation infrastructure for the citizens of Tippecanoe County.

  4. Soil & Water Conservation

    The Tippecanoe County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is a legal subdivision of state government, the only local unit of government responsible for coordinating the conservation of our soil, water, and related natural resources.

  5. Zoning Enforcement

    The Zoning Enforcement Department investigates written and signed complaints of violations of the Tippecanoe County Zoning Ordinance.