Animal Control

The Tippecanoe County Animal Control Officers wish to provide our professional assistance for the health and protection of the residents of Tippecanoe County. Our responsibilities include the enforcement of state animal control laws, the humane capture and treatment of unwanted animals, investigation of animal abuse, neglect, cruelty, and the provision of emergency transportation and care for injured animals within Tippecanoe County.
Animal Control Truck White with Sheriff Logo

Answers from our Animal Control Officer Seth Kirkendall

  • Q. What if I find a stray dog?
  • A. Call Animal Control and if possible you can post a picture and description of the animal on the "Lost and Found Pets of Greater Lafayette" Facebook page to help the owner locate the animal.
  • Q. Why should I call the Animal Control Officer instead of just keeping the animal?
  • A. Animals picked up by the Animal Control Officer are taken to a no kill shelter where they are assessed and then can be legally adopted out after 5 days if the animal's owner does not claim it.
  • Q. Does Tippecanoe County Animal Control pick up dead animals?
  • A. No, However, we will scan for a microchip if it's a dog or a cat.
  • Q. What if my neighbors dog is barking?
  • A. Contact Tippecanoe Animal Control at (765)-423-9388. After hours contact Tippecanoe County Dispatch at (765- 423-9321
  • Q: Does Tippecanoe Animal Control handle wild animals?
  • A: Tippecanoe Animal Control does not handle Wildlife calls. If you have a wild animal concern please contact Wildcat Wildlife Center at 765-491-2351
  • Q: What if I’m involved in a dog or cat bite?
  • A: Contact Animal Control at (765)426-0644 if non-emergency if it is an emergency contact 911 or (765) 423-9321. Get medical help as soon as possible.
  • Q. How can I become a TNR caretaker for feral cats?
  • A. Contact Tippecanoe Animal Control at (765) 426-0644. Caretaker's are in charge of cat colonies where cats are trapped and released.


  • If you live within the city limits of West Lafayette, you can contact the West Lafayette Animal Control at 765-775-5165
  • If you live within the city limits of Lafayette, you can contact Lafayette Animal Control at 765-807-1200.