Home Detention Program

The Home Detention Program is an electronic monitoring program that provides an alternative to incarceration. We bring offenders out of the jail system, re-unite them with their families and try to help make them productive members of society. By using electronic technology we can minimize the risk to society, thus allowing individuals to work and continue with school, treatment programs and cognitive behavioral programs while in their home. It is our goal to use Evidence Based Practices to properly manage and reinstate our clientele into society while maintaining public safety. All qualifying felony offenders have an Indiana Risk Assessment System (IRAS) conducted, a case plan is developed and the participants must comply and complete the recommendation of the case plan/court order.


Programs are recommended as indicated by the high-risk domains of the IRAS assessment. By requiring compliance and completion of these programs, we are attempting to reduce the offenders’ risk of recidivism. Participants of this program meet with an officer once a week to provide a weekly schedule of activities which includes:
  • Court ordered counseling and programming
  • Incentive Passes
  • Work and/or schooling
Surveillance Officers visit the participants home on average between 1 to 3 times per week based on the participants risk level. All participants will have their homes searched within 7 days of entering the program to check for deadly/dangerous contraband, weapons or any other illegal activity and then randomly while on the program and them randomly throughout their stay on the program to ensure program compliance.

Monitoring Equipment

The Home Detention program utilizes monitoring equipment from Track Group. The equipment is comprised of a GPS unit and a BacTrack  (portable alcohol monitoring).

Phone Service

You will be required to obtain a phone service if placed on the Home Detention program. You do NOT need a landline but TCCC must have a feasible way to communicate with you.

For any additional information about the Home Detention program please email us.

Case Managers      Voicemail Extension      Email Address
Echo Harrington                  2872                         etharrington@tippecanoe.in.gov 
Lisa Robinson                    2839                           lrobinson@tippecanoe.in.gov 
Adam Sowders                   2832                          asowders@tippecanoe.in.gov 
Brittany Whitlow                  2830                          bwhitlow@tippecanoe.in.gov  
Amanda Eldridge               2869                          aeldridge@tippecanoe.in.gov 
Catie Berkshire                   2863                          cberkshire@tippecanoe.in.gov 
Michelle Zaremba               2864                           mzaremba@tippecanoe.in.gov 
Chad Grubbs                     2838                           cgrubbs@tippecanoe.in.gov 
Brooke Milburn                   2858                           bmilburn@tippecanoe.in.gov
Caleb Shocaroff                  2831                          cshocaroff@tippecanoe.in.gov